Pin Grading Policy

Since these are handmade, each pin is subjected to cosmetic issues to human errors so there is no such thing as a flawless pin.

Standard Grade

  • My rule of thumb is if I can't see the flaws holding it as far as I would hold my phone, it's good to go. They may have minor issues depending on how it's being held. Plating issues on the back of sides does not affect the grading as long as it doesn't detract from the design in the front.


  • They'll have a minor visible issues but also not as noticeable and won't take away from the design itself. It will range from minor screen printing issues, minor underfilled enamel, etc.


  • They'll have visible noticeable issues and range from heavy scratching, more screen printing issues, slight more underfilled enamel issue - these will vary case by case.

I will not be selling any pins that I wouldn't buy so any pins that don't meet any of the above criteria will not be sold.